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At least until the Columbia Stay at Home order is lifted, we are not allowing people into our clinic; we are “Paws Only”! That means you will need to call us from your vehicle in our parking lot and we will send out one of our technicians to retrieve your pet. Our doctor will then examine your pet and perform requested services, and then call you on the phone to give you all of the information you would have had at a more traditional appointment; you will then be transferred to our front desk to obtain payment information and once all that is complete and your medications or other supplies are ready, our technician will bring your pet back to you. We recognize that it is a bit unwieldy but we are trying to do our part to keep everyone safe. Our technicians wash and sanitize their hands and put on new exam gloves between every patient. We would ask that you try to allow the six foot distance recommended, and have your pets appropriately restrained.

Q Do I need an appointment for you to see my pet?

If at all possible, yes; we are essentially a one-doctor practice and our schedule is generally quite full. We will work you time permitting, but you might have to wait a bit. If you have what you think is an emergency or very urgent problem, please try to call us before you arrive so that we may be prepared for your arrival or recommend referral if that is appropriate.